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With over 15 years of Wi-Fi deployments and almost 10,000 Wireless Access Points in use ATG was rewarded with customer loyalty for provided excellent individualized customer care. ATG’s services start with a detailed assessment of your network’s capacity and bandwidth, implementation of the latest Wi-Fi technology for end-to-end usability, and seamless user access with custom content. Whether it’s a cloud or premise-based service, ATG securely supports and manages your business or property’s Wi-Fi remotely, removing the need for an on-site IT department to manage Wi-Fi services.

ATG’s Managed Wi-Fi  Services can cut the costs associated with needing an on-site IT department to manage and troubleshoot a property’s Wi-Fi, as well as have access to cutting-edge wireless technology and cybersecurity professionals. Initial configuration of access points can be a difficult proposition, often requiring expert staff on site to configure each device individually. FortiAP Cloud with FortiDeploy greatly simplify initial configuration and onboarding by providing one-touch provisioning when devices are deployed

One of the biggest benefits of managed Wi-Fi networks is scalability. As your managed Wi-Fi provider, we can simply add new Access Points or Wi-Fi Extenders to the areas of a building that we notice may have poor connectivity – before users even notice. This is especially useful for large, multi-unit apartment complexes, nationwide warehouses and chain-retail stores, hospitals, and enterprise offices.

ATG uses the latest technology to manage your Wi-Fi network and provides multiple access points (up to hundreds for large properties), that can handle hundreds of user devices per access point. Using the cloud-based model, ATG can manage deployments from single digits up to multiple thousands of FortiAPs and can easily grow with your deployment as your business growth.

ATG maintains your Wi-Fi network reliability and ensures that your Wi-Fi connection stays up to maintain user connectivity and productivity. For many businesses, this would mean having their IT department diagnose the issue or call in a specialist to figure out the issue. ATG’s team  manages your Wi-Fi network, providing 24/7 dedicated support that diagnoses, troubleshoots and fixes Wi-Fi problems remotely – without having to come on-site for support. ATG provides remote monitoring services to reduce downtime.

Managed Wi-Fi is considered a smarter option than an internal IT department in terms of security because it allows businesses to outsource to trained professionals. ATG’s security professionals know the best practices for setting up the most secure networks and administrative controls. ATG can:

  • Authenticate connections and monitor networks for potential attacks and breaches
  • Maintain multi-tenancy for many customers within a single license
  • Provide simple centralized visibility and access across all tenants
  • Enable read-only customer accounts with unique customer logos on reports

Managed Wi-Fi providers have state-of-the-art tools to monitor and report on connectivity, potential security breaches, network reliability and speed, and more. With traditional providers and on-site IT departments, it would be their responsibility to figure out how to best monitor and report on their networks. With ATG’s managed Wi-Fi services, there is no need – saving money and giving your businesses access to industry-leading software and tools. Multiple monitor dashboards offer a view of key statistics for all managed APs, radios, clients, and neighboring networks in your environment.  Click to drill down on a particular item to see details on specific devices in a category. There is no need to change screens or hunt through the UI to find information

Maintaining a reliable and scalable Wi-Fi network starts with an initial radio frequency (RF) survey. This wireless RF survey is the mapping of a property to plan and design a wireless network that has wide-coverage throughout a building, campus or city. ATG conducts RF surveys in the initial phase to design the most reliable network that reaches all corners of a building, campus or area – ensuring all residents, employees, or customers have access. Over time, as user demands increase and possible novel physical structures are built, ATG periodically conducts RF surveys to ensure that the Wi-Fi network performs to the highest standards.

Take advantage of superior Wireless Network and more

The cornerstone of ATG’s Wi-Fi Technology Platform is Fortinet’s line of Wi-Fi products. Leveraging Fortinet’s dependable and robust performance, coupled with their robust user interface and security focused architecture, allows ATG to design and deliver stand-alone, premise or cloud -based Wi-Fi solutions for multi-network, multi-tenant and multi-location environments

In today’s application-driven technology world, Wi-Fi solutions often extend beyond the manufacturer’s capabilities and require integration with additional software. ATG’s goal is to deliver a complete end-to-end enterprise-grade integrated solution, addressing all customer requirements.
ATG supports a diverse range of Wi-Fi Solutions and Services, including HP/Aruba, Cisco, and numerous third-party integrated applications, such as IronWifi. Leveraging ATG’s in-house development team allows us to extend ATG’s proprietary Wi-Fi management portal to create on-demand reporting and controls

Leveraging Fortinet’s Wi-Fi product line, ATG is empowered to deliver the same Wi-Fi functionality and management experience in 3 types of architectures:

Best for distributed enterprises and facilities without physical Fortinet infrastructure.

Leverages on-premise equipment for an enclosed private network.

Designed for high-capacity and high-count Access Point networks.

ATG’s design, management and proprietary
Wi-Fi portal uses modular structure to manage anything from basic Access Points to complex, distributed and intelligent Wi-Fi networks with the same efficiency and response time

Overlaying Wi-Fi infrastructure enables creation of dynamic heat maps, providing user count, foot traffic analysis and repeat customer notifications, enabling valuable market data collection.

Derive value from Wi-Fi services with anonymized
details of user activity across all of your corporate and
consumer Wi-Fi services, including authenticated users,
footfall, devices, and URLs.

When safety is the first concern, proactively monitor
and manage overcrowding using the existing Wi-Fi
network. Real-time alerts can now help venues to
operate and to trade safely.

Build a rich understanding of how a space is used with
user volumes, dwell time, footfall and movement.
Presence analytics complements device fingerprinting,
traffic analytics and flexible group policies to optimize
the user experience and venue operations.

Add value to the user experience with better targeted
communications, ads and other promotions. Use
demographic, presence and location data to inform
third party applications and CRM systems.

Wi-Fi is a complex system that requires industry-certified engineers who understand how to design and manage deployments properly. As the number of connected devices increase, the dependence on management software also increases, and the challenges with Wi-Fi become more complex as a result. ATG utilizes Wi-Fi manufacturer’s management tools, as well as overlaying its SNMP and configuration management systems to provide a seamless management workflow of thousands of devices without missing a single incident. Due it its proprietary portal and integrated management systems ATG’s Wi-Fi services enjoy 99.99% uptime. ATG’s national on-site service coverage provides equipment replacement without customer intervention.

Rich feature pack for business expansion and productivity

  • Design, engineering and implementation of public and corporate Wi-Fi networks
  • On-site signal analysis, cabling, installation and configuration of access points and PoE switches
  • Granular access control management for multiple SSIDs
  • 24x7x365 monitoring and alerting
  • Centralized management and firmware updates
  • 99.99 % uptime dependability guarantee
  • On-line reporting on key performance metrics
  • Wireless intrusion detection and rogue access point detection and location capability
  • Real-time application support for VoIP, video and collaboration tools
  • Outbound and acceptable use policy filtering
  • Indoor/outdoor/ruggedized/low temperature APs
  • APs with MIMO 2×2, 3×3, 4×4 support
  • Cloud, premise or dedicated Wi-Fi controller options
  • Multi-SSID support from the same infrastructure
  • WLAN traffic separation
  • Zero-touch deployment
  • Simplified capacity expansion
  • Security fabric integration
  • MAC authentication for private networks, 802.1X support
  • Wireless presence analytics capability

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